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Tania Cowey Coaching


Meet Tania Cowey: A Holistic Approach

Tania Cowey is committed to educating and empowering women to live healthier lives. 

In 2011 Tania became a personal trainer and group fitness coach and added yoga in 2014.  Trained by Synergy Movement life was never the same.  Teaching of Chakras, energy movement and healing (Reiki but there are others), life coaching, better sustainable food sources and meditation forever changed her life.  Years of research and time in and out of the industry only opened her eyes up more ways to self heal and better self care.

Let me tell you a little more
I see to many women my age sinking quick and women ahead of me suffer from Dis-ease and only wish they'd done things differently.   Let me help you feel your best with the current offers I have (Reiki, Yoga and Nutrition Coaching).  I am always growing and I do take additional training to keep updated and I hope to add a couple more things in the future.